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Welcome to MyFishCount!

MyFishCount is a pilot project that gives you a voice to report your recreational catches directly to fishery managers while creating your own personal logbook.

MyFishCount is the recreational reporting app and website (MyFishCount.com) created in partnership with the Angler Action Foundation. It is a pilot project to allow recreational fishermen to report information about their trips and catches. As more anglers participate, information gathered through MyFishCount will supplement existing data and allow fishery scientists and managers to obtain it in a timelier manner. Ultimately, better data leads to better management!

During 2017 and 2018, data for over 700 trips were reported on MyFishCount. MyFishCount also allows anglers to report trips that were abandoned due to poor weather or other reasons. This information was used to reopen fishing for red snapper for an additional weekend in 2017. Read the MyFishCount Final Report for the first two years of the project to learn more.

We are continuing to improve MyFishCount based on your feedback. For example, app and website now allow you to report any fish you catch in the coastal counties of our partner states, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida!

Create Trips

MyFishCount allows you to create your trip and specify departure spot, fishing methods, target species, and more.

Log your Catch

Once a trip is created you can report all species caught, both kept and released. Make sure to include details including length, weight, and condition of released fish. This information stays in your “log” and you can access it any time.

Make your Catch Count

View your past trips and track your trends while providing fishery managers valuable information on species caught whether kept or released.

The new mobile apps of MyFishCount are now available!

Video: How to Create a Profile

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create your own MyFishCount profile.

Video: Using the Weather Feature

Watch this tutorial for tips on how to use MyFishCount's advanced weather feature.

Video: How to Log a catch

Watch this video for some helpful tips on how to log your catch in MyFishCount.

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The Angler Action Foundation improves angler access, fisheries science and marine habitat through collaborative Research, Education and Conservation programs.

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