Help Managers Learn More About Recreational Reporting

Your participation in MyFishCount is critical for the development of future recreational reporting tools in the South Atlantic region. The more participation we receive, the more trips we can compare with the current monitoring program.


Become a Better Angler – Create Your Personal Fishing Log

MyFishCount does more than just count fish.  It is a tool that allows anglers to create their own personal fishing logs.  Being able to look at previous trips will help you keep track of what you caught, when you caught your fish, and where you fished.  The information on past fishing trips may be useful in planning your next trip. Your fishing log and data will be kept confidential. Please see the “Data are Confidential” section below for more information.


Provide More Data

MyFishCount provides data to complement the current monitoring program, the Marine Recreational Information Program, also known as “MRIP."  MRIP estimates the number of fish caught and how often people fish by interviewing fishermen at fishing sites (such as docks, beaches, and boat ramps) and through mail-based surveys. MRIP works well for most nearshore species, but fewer anglers target offshore species such as dolphin, wahoo, tuna, marlin, and many snapper grouper species. Those offshore fishing trips are less likely to be “caught” by MRIP interviewers. 


In the infographic example below, the green individuals are anglers who fish for flounder, the gray individuals are anglers who fish for red drum, and the blue individuals are anglers who fish for snapper grouper species. The anglers in the circle are individuals who were interviewed after their fishing trips.

As seen in the infographic, several flounder and red drum fishermen were interviewed providing an accurate representation of the fisheries. Unfortunately, only one snapper grouper fisherman was interviewed.


Adding information to the current monitoring program with MyFishCount will help us learn about fishing trips that are not sampled very often. The MyFishCount pilot project may be used to supplement MRIP, so it is important that you also continue to participate in MRIP surveys, both at the dock and household survey should you be given the opportunity.