MyFishCount 2017 Report

Thank you to all who reported through MyFishCount during the 2017 red snapper mini-season. From your participation, we were able to gather information and insights into the private recreational fishery and recreational electronic reporting not previously available.

Overall a total of 234 anglers created MyFishCount member profiles and 256 trips (completed and abandoned) were reported. The figures below summarize the preliminary information collected during the 2017 red snapper mini-season based on MyFishCount reports.

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council heard from many members of the fishing community that weather prevented them from participating in the red snapper mini-season. This information was reflected in the MyFishCount angler reports. While 106 reports were submitted for the second weekend of the mini-season, less than 5% of trips were reported as completed. Access to fishing days is important, and angler participation in reporting platforms such as MyFishCount may help to provide this type of essential information not captured in current monitoring programs to fishery managers.

Trip Status Number of Trips Percent
Abandoned 197 77%
Completed 59 23%
Table 1. Number and percent of trips that were reported as completed and abandoned through MyFishCount through Nov. 14, 2017.

While the MyFishCount pilot reporting platform will close at the end of this week to the public, MyFishCount will be modified into a mobile app to improve ease and timeliness of reporting and expanded to include other species. The pilot app will be available for testing in early 2018.

Thank you again to all those who reported through MyFishCount. If you would like to become involved in the piloting of the app in 2018 or provide feedback on the 2017 red snapper mini-season MyFishCount reporting platform, please contact Kelsey Dick ( or Chip Collier ( Thank you for all your time and support.

The figures below are summarized data for both weekends combined with information through November 14, 2017.

Figure 1. Percent of red snapper with location reported in MyFishCount (kept and discarded) from federal waters during 2017 red snapper mini-season.

Figure 2. Percent of red snapper kept and released by size categories as reported through MyFishCount.

Figure 3. Reason for releasing red snapper as reported through MyFishCount.

Figure 4. Release Treatments as reported through MyFishCount.

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